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Hans Holbein the Younger
From: Totentanz (1538) [danse macabre]
Fourier Verlag, Wiesbaden 2003
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Here I have compiled informations, from which I hope that they might be useful to others. On the one hand these are attempts in scientific and technical fields, which I tried to commercialise with a consulting firm for Technical Mathematics. On the other hand this is my experience as representative of disabled people in a big Austrian industrial firm, which I would like to communicate to other such representatives.

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The trade license for my consulting firm for Technical Mathematics, which I founded in 2003, was put dormant as from 1st January 2008 and is now de-registered as from 22th December 2017.   From 2004 until to my age-related retirement in August 2010 I was the representative of disabled persons in a branch of an big Austrian manufactoring company. Parts of the homepage for the disabled worker's council, which could be of general interest, are published here in an anonymised form.
These pages are available in German only.
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